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Sales and Project Management

Cecil Lindsey

Sales, Estimating and Project Management 

Cecil Lindsey’s 20 year tenure with Vector Concepts has led him to the position of Senior Project Manager. He was lured away from the music distribution business where he performed in management, forklift training, warehouse design, and as part of the safety team. At Vector, his job requires expertise in sales, estimating, project management and design assistance from beginning to end, offering stellar service with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. His code is “There are no problems, only opportunities.”

A talented musician, Cecil plays guitar and sings backup for his Christian band, Seven Days from Sunday. They play frequently at area churches and community events. He and his wife, Kathi, have two lovely daughters, Megan and Morgan. He loves to spend time with his family and stays active by exercising regularly. He is involved with Vector’s favorite charity “Family Legacy,” which provides care for orphaned children in Zambia.

The practical jokester side of Cecil is well known around the office. He says “I like to make a good time out of any situation. Why should it just be a job when your co-workers are like your family?” So, at any given time, Cecil will show his affection by scaring the daylights out of them by blowing an air horn behind their heads when they least expect it, quite often capturing the hilarious results on video.

Dennis Wilson

Sales/Project Manager

Dennis Wilson has worked in the Ceramic Tile industry for over 49 years. He started out as a helper at the age of 16 and is a Third Generation Tile Setter; for the past 19 years, he has been Vector’s Senior Project Manager and Estimator for the Ceramic Tile Division. He is from Dallas, TX, enjoys fishing and reading in his spare time, and regularly attends Crossroads Christian Church.

Dennis follows this method for success: “Work hard, do the numbers and the projects will come to you.”

Jason Sultana

Sales/Project Manager

When Jason isn’t assisting his co-workers with software programs or anything tech-related, he wears the multiple hats of Sales, Project Management and Estimating. In addition to handling his own clients, Jason works with the Sports Team, estimating and managing their projects.

Originally from Farmers Branch, Jason attended Wyoming Technical to learn auto body, custom paint, and upholstery. After working at a Chevrolet dealership in the auto body repair shop, he painted heavy equipment and big rigs. He spent some time in metal building construction then eventually landed at a Dallas flooring company in the finance department as an auditor. This brought him to a position at Starnet, which finally led to the doors of Vector Concepts.

Jason and his wife Kate have 3 children, Signe, Nathan and Lucy. To relax, he plays with his kids, watches football, building just about anything and enjoys long walks on the beach. Jason also admits to watching Disney movies while singing along. Though he has been compared to Steve Urkel by most of his coworkers, he claims to have no sense of humor whatsoever. Jason has been known to keep a stick in his office in case Cecil tries to scare him with his air horn.

Rick Gillissie

Sales/Project Manager

Rick Gillissie is a Senior Project Manager at Vector; his specialties are Senior Living, Corporate and Tenant Improvement projects. He also works with other members of the team as an estimator. His ability to focus, pay attention to detail and maintain superior organizational skills are major contributors to his success. In 2014, Rick was named Top Dog at Vector for exceeding 2 million dollars in sales.

Originally from Detroit, with a Business Administration Degree from Eastern Michigan University, Rick is a hard core Red Wings fan but also loves football season, playing poker, golfing and bowling. He enjoys watching any type of sports at a local pub or sports bar as well as heading to The Ballpark for some baseball.

Rick’s down time is often spent cooking on the grill or with his slow cooker and he has been perfecting his technique for home-made Chicken Wings. He is well-known for making delicious fresh fruit smoothies for everyone in the office on Friday afternoons. A testimony to his culinary skills is the fact that in 2015, he was named Champion and First Place Winner of the Vector Concepts Annual Chili Cook-off.

Luke Herrick

Sales/Project Manager

Luke Herrick has been with the Vector family since 2006.  He is consistently a leader in our sales force with almost 18 years of experience in the flooring business.  His emphasis on customer service and picture perfect installations are excellent assets to our business.

He graduated from Stephen F. Austin in 2001 and played football there.

Luke and his wife Ginger enjoy spending time with their animals, dogs, chickens and horses.  They recently purchased a new home to give their animals more room to roam.

Luke is also a Strong Man Competitor and recently returned from Norway competing in the World’s Strongest Viking Competition.

Ken Sanders

Senior Project Manager/Sales

Ken Sanders is a Sr. Project Manager/Sales for Vector Concepts.  He is also an estimator specializing in corporate and tenant/finish out in the DFW area.  Ken has been in the market for 17 years and has been instrumental in the design and management of numerous high end corporate projects.

His belief is there is no project too small or too large.  Ken’s focus is taking care of his clients as if they were family.  “We are in an industry built on relationship, I like to think of my clients as friends and family, that’s what drives me to be the best at my career.”

Ken brings a unique perspective to his daily work.  He takes his responsibilities seriously but with a funny and off the cuff personality that makes those around him feel at ease from the start of any project all the way to completion.  As Ken says, “if you can’t have fun doing what you do, then find something else to do.”

Ken has 2 sons Sam and Zach that are his true passion.  Whether it is school activities, sporting events, or just hanging out with his kids and being a dad, that is what he truly loves.  “Everything I do is so my 2 boys can have the best/happiest life they deserve.”

If there is any time left in Ken’s day you might just find him on a golf course somewhere claiming he shot the best score ever.  That is if you consider a score of 100 to be the best score ever!

Stacey Skjolsvik

Sales/Project Manager

Joining Vector in September of 2015, Stacey Skjolsvik works closely with husband Jason as part of the Sales Team. In a typical day where Stacey is adept at multitasking, she creates proposals, fields customer calls, manages projects, pricing and submittals. She also creates work orders and approves labor.

Her education included attending Iowa Central Community College in her home town of Eagle Grove Iowa.  Upon graduation, Stacey moved to Texas.  After Jason and Stacey married, while being a ‘stay home’ mom, she would also work part-time for Jason’s company. Then, when Jason’s health declined in 2011, she began assisting him full time. After 18 years as business owners, the Skjolsviks became a part of Vector Concepts on September 1, 2015. Stacey looks forward to the future and working with such a phenomenal work family.

Stacey and Jason have two children, Lexi and Lauren. Because their kids are very active in their respective schools, Stacey has her hands full attending their many events, from volleyball games to sorority functions. She owns a school supply company that delivers packets to 17 HEB area schools every August and she also operates a low-cost “Reindeer Store” during the holidays so that school kids can purchase low cost gifts for friends and family. As busy as she is, spending quality time with her family is Stacey’s first priority. Describing herself as an “open book”, Stacey loves to have a good time and simply enjoys making other people happy.

Jonathan Markum

Sales/Project Manager

Jonathan started in the flooring industry at a very young age working side by side with his father as an installers helper.  He learned the skills needed to know all the mechanics that go into the various types of flooring.  By the time he was a young teenager he could install any type of flooring put in front of him without his dad having to stand over him.

Fast forwarding to his adult years, he started selling flooring at the age of 21 and has learned what it takes to give the very best customer service his clients need to accurately prepare and send proposals and complete jobs correctly and on time.  Jonathan joined the Vector family in 2018 and is a great asset.

Jonathan has a beautiful wife Laura, and they have 4 amazing children.  When his is not working to provide for his family he loves spending as much time with them as possible.  “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the grace of God, the most perfect wife and family and the knowledge my Dad has given me to be successful in the flooring industry.  The owners of Vector Concepts live every day with God first, family second, work third and I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing family.”

Linda Anderson

Senior Project Coordinator 

In the Ceramic Tile Division, Linda Anderson works as Project Coordinator by managing jobs, including purchasing materials, scheduling crews on daily basis plus handling submittals and closeout documents.

Linda has been in flooring for her entire career and every member of her immediate family has also performed in the flooring industry. With 23 years in the commercial field, her specialty is ceramic tile. She has spent the last 18 years at Vector Concepts, and is considered the “go-to” person when one needs help with getting things done.

Linda, a Dallas, TX native, spends her leisure time reading and spending time with her grandchildren.

Clark Driver

Project Management

Clark Driver’s role as Senior Project Manager/Estimator is to support the Sales Team by doing takeoffs, pricing out projects and preparing proposals, then taking over and managing the projects. He works primarily within the sports and commercial markets. Clark is not a newbie to commercial flooring; he has been in the industry for over 18 years and has experience in sales and also in leadership, as a Vice President of Operations. In his current role, he jokingly states, “My back sometimes hurts from carrying the Sales Team!”

Born in Nacogdoches, TX, Clark and his wife Amy, who is a fitness instructor, currently live in Plano with their three children, Corey, Cannon and Casey. Clark coaches his sons’ baseball teams and loves to watch Casey play volleyball and softball. When he manages to squeeze in some personal time, he usually spends it catching fish. With all of the activities the family is involved with, sometimes Clark feels like he is his own charitable organization, but he enjoys every minute of it.

Ketrin McKeegan

Project Management

Ketrin McKeegan joined the Vector family in August of 2017.  She came with 20+ years of experience in the flooring industry.  Her current role as Project Manager for her assigned sales group keeps her busy.  Ketrin is organized and knowledgeable to help her team succeed.

Ketrin loves spending time with her 9 year old daughter Bria, reading, karate and playing with their two dogs.  She enjoys cooking and live music.

Jon Noel

Project Management

Jon Noel originally joined the Vector family in January of 2017, he spent a short time away and we were thrilled to welcome him back in May of 2018.  His focus is on Project Management for our sales staff in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Oklahoma.

Jon graduated from SMU in 2003 with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Jon and his wife Babe enjoy being outdoors and going hiking together.  They have two sons Riley 11 and Park 14 who also enjoy the outdoors.

Jon spends his free time filming and producing videos of high school, collegiate and professional sports.

Jon’s excellent customer service skills and attention to detail contribute to the continued success of our Sales Team.