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Properly laid down commercial school flooring systems may not be high on anyone else’s top priority list except yours. That’s because it may not get the proper appreciation from the people using it from faculty members down to the students. But, your floor coating system should still last even if it receives a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis.

The Benefits of Quality School Floor Coating Systems

Not everyone will notice how easy it will be to clean the skid proof surface built into the floor they’re stepping on inside the classroom. Nor will anyone truly appreciate just how resistant to microbes the restroom’s floor is.

These things may go unnoticed but everyone will feel the effects of the high-performance floor coating system you’ve installed as the years go by.

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For educational facility managers, the unique benefits of our seamless, fluid-applied flooring are clear:

  • Topcoats suited for high traffic activity with highly abrasion resistant qualities
  • Resistant to damage from impacts and punctures
  • Adjustable surface traction level and easy cleaning qualities
  • No need to wax or polish, maintenance-free
  • Resistant to negative effects from exposure to cleaning agents and other disinfectants
  • You can choose from a wide range of selections to help match with your existing decor
  • Highly customizable. You can choose from all types of colors and blends. You can also choose to incorporate floor markings or your own unique logo.
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Choose from a wide selection of concrete floor coating systems
  • Aesthetically pleasing, safe and highly durable which increases the products over-all value.

Adaptable Commercial School Flooring that Makes the Grade

Using the right floor coating system can have highly beneficial effects to everyone using the spaces where it is applied in.

By adjusting the floor coating system installed in these spaces, you can get very positive results. For example, brightly lit rooms have been known to increase the learning success rates for young children. On the other hand, subdued hues coupled with resin floor coatings have been known to increase the levels of concentration and focus for older students. Well maintained environments can increase the over-all success rates for any academic facility. And to evoke a sense of unity, incorporating a school or team logo to these surfaces can encourage a strong sense of school spirit.

The Science of Quality School Flooring

Chem labs, machine rooms, storage areas and medical research buildings are examples of highly specialized environments that require a lot from floor coverings. If you include areas where food is served or sports arenas into the mix, you’ll understand that well-engineered polymer resin floors are the only types of floors that can address the specific needs of these areas.

We understand your concerns and our dedicated Research and Development Laboratory as well as our Product Development team are regarded as the cream of the crop! And how do we do this? By employing only the latest and best technology available, our institutional concrete coating line is considered on the cutting edge of modern technology.

We’ve also dedicated countless hours perfecting our Vector Concepts product to ensure that it provides the solution you are looking for when it comes to your commercial school flooring needs.

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